Sunday, January 26, 2014

Today:Why Tiger Missed the Cut!:The PGA Merchandise Show / Donald Trump's Arrogant remarks

Tiger Woods has misssed the cut at Torrey Pines?

This could be YOU.  Yes he eked out a 79, but that's a 95 (or worse) to you and me.

Why is this good for amateurs?    I will try to re-iterate the following theme as often as possible while this blog is active. (Which could mean about a week or so depending on how I feel about the useless drivel I impart upon the world)  The theme is this.   
            "As awful as you think golf is for you, it is always worse for someone else".- Me  
You no doubt have heard by now that Tiger has missed the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open.  This happened on the same course where he won 8 Times.  This is a good thing for you and I .  If the worlds number one player can suck so badly,  why can't we?  We are allowed to suck and not get upset about it because Tiger has done it  (Again). Missed the fairway several times and ended up in sticky rough.  He pullled a Tin Cup (tryed to go over the water and ended up short). I can do that!  You can do that too.  The diffference is, we aren't in a tournament with the golf world watching.. "Always smiling, judging, watching.  Look at the baby, Look at the baby"-Beanie in Old School
  So next time you start to get angry try to remember the time Tiger missed the cut.  Should bring you back to reality.  Golf just sucks and that's the way it will always be.

Donald Trump Sucks...

Let me first say this.  I believe if you are fortunate enough to be in the top percentile of money earners in this country, what you do with your money is up to you.  It is your money.   Just don't pretend you care about the "little people" when you don't.  Trump acts like he gives to charity.  He doesn't give nearly what you might think a billionaire would give. Yes, he does have bonafide Charities that have his name attached to them.  What he personally gives to charity is what I'm talking about.   His remark at the PGA Merchandise Show is a telling sign how much he really cares. 
Trump joked that even bad economic times can create opportunities. "I love failed golf courses," he said. "I buy them at a discount then I make them great."  Yes, he makes them great for the rich folks.  And, like I said, he can do that without getting an argument from me. It's his money.  He employs many people.  But don't then turn around and talk about how much you care you arrogant bastard.  Unless you want people to call you out for it. Ass.
What does Trump personally give besides his name to Charity?...
Taken from the website

The Smoking Gun calls Trump a “miserly billionaire,” noting that the foundation’s 2010 990 shows that he has donated just $675,000 to his foundation in the past five years,including nothing in the past two years.  In fact, the interesting aspect of the Trump Foundation is that its most significant source of contributions hasn’t been Trump, but Vince McMahon of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)...
We looked at a couple of the previous years’ 990PFs for the Donald J. Trump Foundation just to check the pattern spotted by the Smoking Gun. In 2009, the largest donation by far was $1 million from WWE. No donations were listed from Trump himself. Out of total grant making of $926,750, the foundation’s six-figure grants went to the Police Athletic League, the Tiger Woods Foundation, the William F. Clinton Foundation, New York Presbyterian Hospital, and the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation. In 2008, the largest donations to the foundation were $250,000 from the Willard TC Johnson Foundation and $150,000 from the Celebrity Fight Night Foundation; Trump was listed as donating $30,000 to his foundation. Its only six-figure grant that year (out of $731,000 in total grants) was $107,000 to the Gucci Foundation.

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