Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trump update. "I spent Peanuts and I'm by far number one"

In July of 2015 I reported in this blog (see story below) that Mr Peanut severed ties with Donald Trump.  Well it took months, but Trump has finally gotten around to lashing out at the formidable icon.  "I spent PEANUTS and I'm by far number one", was clearly a backhanded insult to Mr. Peanut and his industry.   Using the old adage that "spending peanuts" means to spend very little, Mr Trump was pointing out that the peanut contingent was of little to no value to him.  Mr Peanut could not be reached for comment at this writing.

Original story reported in July 2015:

The Planters Peanut Icon Mr. Peanut is the latest to sever ties to Donald Trump. In a brief news conference, Mr. Peanut announced that he would no longer endorse anything directly related to Donald Trump.  "Mr. Trumps ill advised comments are to blame for this.  As a God fearing nut, I can't in good conscience continue to be associated with Donald Trump."  When asked to comment on this latest development Mr. Trump released this statement.  "Look, I don't need the guy to endorse me. He's only one nut.  There are plenty of nuts out there that will vote for me.  In fact, I'm counting on the nut vote to propel me to dominance in the race for the Presidency..."

"The guys' an a**hole. I'm a NUT and even I don't think he makes sense!"