The Stages of Golf

How to effectively Anger the "real" Golfers on the course. 

The Infrequent, or adult beginner golfer is known as a Stage One'er.  Often alcohol and other attitude alternating substances are used to "enhance" the Oner's experience.  Sadly, many never advance beyond this stage. 

Many will realize down the road that this level of golf is actually when they had the most fun.  They didn't care yet.  And their golfing budget was near nothing.


Stage One' er

Here is a prime example of a Stage One Golfer.  Notice the 2 Carts for a foursome of amateurs.  This is typical of a group who isn't out there for the fresh air.  None of the golfers in the video actually physically require the assistance of a cart.
You will also notice that the ball appears to be in play after the first shank.  But instead of playing the next shot at or even near where it has gone,  The Stage Oner will hit another, then another from the same spot.  This slows play and effectively angers other golfers on the course. Paybacks are hell, because if any of these golfers ever advance beyond the 5th Stage, they will run into Stage One'ers themselves. 

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