Does Donald Trump Really Suck?

Imagine how hard that fellow is going to swing at that autographed ball...

This page is dedicated to finding out more about Donald Trump and his charitable causes.  So far I have found his personal involvement in his Charities to be equivalent to pressing the Like Icon in Facebook.  If I am wrong, I will admit it here.  More as I get into the research.
This is not to diminish the ACTUAL Charities that have his name attached to them.  They may indeed be very good causes with high ratings.  So please don't misconstrue my distaste for Trumps activity for a blanket distaste for those causes.
Any billionaire can sponsor a charity.  But real action speaks louder than words.  Again, if I am wrong, I will admit it here.  There might be other billionaires who are more greedy, but this is a golf blog.  And since Trump is a big golf fan, I decided to focus on him

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